Friday, October 31, 2008

My favourite quickie dessert

I'm about to divulge a recipe for a dessert that always wins praise. I kid you not - each and every time it has featured on the French Fancy 'come to dinner' invite, there has always been at least one person who has asked - nay, begged - for the recipe. It is quick and foolproof.

I don't weigh and measure, I'm one of those cooks that chucks in a bit of this and a dollop of that, not for me 3ml of ambrosia etc, and this recipe reflects my method.

Line a 20cm tin with greasproof paper.

Cut a Madeira* style cake (in France I use the long quatre quart cake) into thinnish slices and place in bottom of tin (no gaps now).

Into a bowl break loads of meringue nests into big crumbs (I use about 10 but I have used 6 and I have used 12 - it still works)

Add a biggish tub of creme fraiche and a jar of lemon curd to the meringue crumbs and fold it all together (don't over-mix or you won't get yellow streaks from the lemon curd)

Put the mix on top of the cake, level off and place in freezer for (at least) 4 hours.

Remove from tin and leave to thaw at room temp for about 30mins before eating.You can decorate it with berries or mint leaves (I love to eat mint leaves).

Now wasn't this more useful than another fact about the French Revolution?

*I've used crumbled biscuits as the base and that works a treat as well.


Blu said...

But but but...........lemon curd, so where do i buy lemon curd in my corner of Bretagne????...sounds very scrummy...

Carol and Chris said...

OMG that sounds divine!! I can see myself having a go at that!!

Blu - I have a good recipe for lemon curd if you would like it from a friend of mine who's a chef.

C x

French Fancy said...

Blu - Intermarche and Carrefour and Le Clerc all have English sections - well they do in 22 anyway. I've seen it at all three places and the best I've found was the Carrefour one which is a superb make.
I know one can make lemon curd (it's basically egg yolks, sugar and lemons) but then it becomes a Proper Recipe, the sort that takes time and this is a Quickie.

Carol - once you try it you will make it again and again.I guarantee it 100%.

Janelle said...

oh YUMMEEEEEEEEEE! thanks for sharing. wish i could just scoop it off your page! and thanks for visiting me...bis x janelle

French Fancy said...

Janelle - nice to see you. It was via dumdad's blog that I found you. This is one of my ways of exploring blogland. Every time I visit a blog I pick one of their 'regulars' and go off to explore their life.

I've not been disappointed yet with this piggybacking.

spacedlaw said...

What? No Limoncello drizzled over the quatre-quarts?
Dead easy recipe indeed and one that seems rather scrumptious.

dottie said...

This is just fab, ooooh - thanks for sharing it with us. I will definitely use this, and drop it in casually to conversation, "oh this? well, the recipe came from France of course..." (waves hand in a gesture of effortless French elegance)

Michael Irwin said...

Lemon curd I can find in NJ, but creme fraiche is like suet - vanished or never seen; certainly nnever heard of !

French Fancy said...

Hello michael - let me do a little research for you and find what you can get there that will work. It's such a delicious dessert that I want you to try it.

French Fancy said...

Well, I now gather you cannot get cream products that haven't been pasteurised on your side of the pond. It seems that sour cream might be your best bet but you must add enough sugar to make it become sweet cream. Apparently using regular double cream won't be the same texture, it's only sour cream that has the same thickness.

French Fancy said...

oh dear, just noticed 2 people never got a reply and I hate missing comments so - belatedly -

spacedlaw - I do have a bottle of Limoncello but the top is so stuck from drippage it is impossible to open. I keep it here as a test for all newcomers to the Fancy Abode

dottie - this was from the days you had time to visit other blogs - it's nice to see your name on the page :)