Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I wish this could happen all the time

I'm in the lucky position of sitting here Googling away whilst a hard-working gardener is outside digging up all the weeds that I've not been able to remove. Now this is something that I would like to happen every week but I think it is something that will happen at the most a couple of times a year.

We have quite heavy soil here and if I do the weeding little and often I can keep on top of it, but I've left it and left it and now it has got beyond my capabilities. Once he has finished I will be off to the shop to buy about 20 big sacks of bark chippings and then we will spread those around to cut down on future weeding. Yeh, like that's going to happen. Those wretched weed seeds will just lodge themselves around the bark.

If I was rich I'd have lots of people doing things for me. I'd not lift a finger. Although I'd not be like Prince Charles who, allegedly, has his toothpaste put on the brush.

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