Thursday, September 04, 2008


It's begun to bother me a bit about posting other people's work on my blog without acknowledging their origin, especially those creative and unusual fruit cut-outs. Ive done my best to track down their source but I've not been able to find out the person behind them. I got sent them in an attachment by my doc who I had cause to visit this morn and I wondered if he knew - but it hadn't even crossed his mind to try and find out.

So, anonymous artist who takes everyday fruit and vegetables and makes striking images from them - my thanks to you and I'll carry on trying to find out who you are.


Today at the beach... said...

Great food sculture pictures! Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog recently. We have now looked at yours, and enjoyed it! Hope you don't have to do the McD thing for too long. I know the food service biz well, and it isn't an easy way to make a living. Best wishes!

French Fancy said...

How funny hey, that's not me in the McDo pic - it's the Queen of England :)