Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cottage Cheese

There's not much that I miss over here but one thing I do sometimes yearn for is cottage cheese. It used to always be in our fridge, it was one of our staple foods but it is so hard to find out here in our bit of Brittany. There are a few big supermarkets that stock it and a small tub costs €4 which is astronomical.

I made some yesterday for the first time and it has been a great success. It's so simple to do - all you do is almost boil a litre of milk, l (it mustn't be homogenised or UHT), let it cool for a moment or two and then you just add a tablespoon of lemon juice. As you then stir it (with a wooden spoon) you see the curds and whey separating. You then strain it through a fine sieve and when it's really cool you put the white curds in a bowl (chuck out the whey) and into the fridge and by the next morning the soft texture has hardened slightly to be even better than what you buy in the shops.

I never drink ordinary milk anymore -I use soya but from now on I'll be making this cheese all the time. Maybe I could start a cottage industry (groan).

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