Thursday, July 17, 2008

My next university course

My Open University humanities degree continues in September and I'll be returning to the multi-disciplinary style that I did two years ago. The next course covers the period of history from 1780 - 1830; this is the era known as the Enlightenment and goes through to the Romantic period (nothing to do with romance by the way, it's just a way that historians have of designating certain times with certain names).

I'll be covering people such as Delacroix, William Wilberforce, Mozart, Napoleon, Goethe, Byron, Sir John Soane and events such as the commercialisation of the Lake District and the building of towns such as New Lanark. I've had a look at a previous exam paper and it seems quite doable, so roll on the end of August when I receive my huge sack of books from the UK.

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