Monday, January 28, 2008

Upstairs Downstairs

One thing I do still have time for these days are the repeats of Upstairs Downstairs which are on ITV3 at 07.25 French time. When it was originally shown I was either too young or out all the time; for whatever reason I didn't see more than a couple of the episodes first time round.

In this day and age it's wonderful too find a series that develops characters in an intelligent way, has no annoying background music and stays with a scene for quite a long time - not really done anymore for the 30 second attention span dross that is churned out now.

We seem to watch tv less and less these days. The things we try and catch are House, maybe the odd Simpsons episode that isn't a repeat, a drama if David Storey or David Hare are involved, not much else. Loved the Sopranos but that is finished with now and anyway we've got them all on DVD. Try and watch a bit of news. We have French tv but have to confess we don't watch it as often as we should. It's good for some language input but all the dramas seem to be dubbed from UK or USA progs.

I'm glad I don't watch any soaps. I used to watch both EE and CS but kicked the habit once my dad stopped living with us. They really do suck people in and I felt good when I wasn't tied to the tv schedules.

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French Fancy said...

Poor Lady Marjorie, why on earth did they kill her off? I thought Rachel Gurney was a first class actress and it's sad to know that she died from Alzheimers four years ago.