Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Would you believe that a toothache could get progressively worse over three weeks despite that number of visits to the dentist - well, it has. It began with a broken filling that was impacting on a nerve. There was a small amount of inflammation so the dentist preferred to put in a temporary filling and I had to go back the following week. On the second visit it turned out there was more inflammation so she just put in a second temp filling.

All was going well and two days before the third appointment dreadful dreadful pain began, much worse than the initial problem. It turns out that I now have a gum and tooth infection and have very strong antibiotics; I was also given strong pain killers, as even paracetomol mixed with codeine was not working but I'm not going to take them. Pills that strong can just mess up your insides, as I found out with a lifetime of Nurofen that they think was responsible for all the stones I had removed last year.

So the tooth plus an OU essay that I found particularly taxing has not made for a great time. The essay is now finished and let's hope by my fourth dental trip next Monday that my mouth will have calmed down.


natural attrill said...

Poor you.
Hope you get your tooth problem sorted soon.

French Fancy said...

thanks Pen, it's actually Thursday I'm returning, not MOnday. These antiobiotics make me a bit sloppy in the thinking department,

Hope you are better in mind, body and spirit