Monday, October 15, 2007

things to look forward to

Our recent trip to London was done via the TGV and Eurostar which always means a great taxi ride in Paris, as we arrive from Brittany into the station Paris Montparnasse and have to get to Waterloo from the Gare du Nord. Our taxi ride last week was great, we had a first class driver who was a bit like a tour guide and we went down some lovely turnings that I'd never seen before.

It made us wonder why we don't try and get to know Paris a bit better. We always go to London for our city pleasures and it seems a bit daft really. In the 4.5 years we've lived here we've only had one proper short break in Paris, but numerous aforementioned taxi rides.

So I've just booked tickets for the Nutcracker Suite ballet at the Paris Opera one week before Christmas and it will also be our first chance to see this beautiful city with its Christmas decorations. We'll stay two nights in a hotel just beside the venue and if it works out well I see no reason why we can't go to either the ballet or opera a few times a year. Tickets are loads cheaper than Covent Garden; front stalls work out at about £50 a ticket! Can't wait.


natural attrill said...

I havent been on Eurostar yet, been thinking I'd like to though.
Hope you enjoy Paris!

uber said...

I can thoroughly recommend a catacombs visit, for which you want the Metro stop Denfert Rochereau. It's a great place to visit, highly educational, and something to give you an idea how much there is under Paris, just as there is under London.

Of course, you can get the educational effect on the net without actually going.

French Fancy said...

Pen - it's an easy journey, comfy too,

Uber - I've added it to my list. It will go nicely with the visit I want to make to Pere
Lachaise. The dead 'n all. Although they are probably nowhere near each other. You see, displaying my lack of knowledge of Paris again.