Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amazon Reviews

I find it quite interesting that if you look how the amateur reviews are scored on Amazon (as in 2 out of 16 found this [review] helpful), people singing the praises of anything will get (usually) '100% of people found this helpful' whereas if you express displeasure or disappointment then only a few will say that they found it helpful. Surely it's better to be more discriminating, not just blindly enthuse about something?


marc aurel said...

So right! On imdb it is actually hard to find a negative review at all of a popular film. Incidentally, I dropped word verification some time ago and found no augmentation of unwanted comments or spam. I think Google maintain their own filters. Anyway here goes... a special delight for slightly dyslexic people like me.
zbwsqrnn? I mean really:)

French Fancy said...

Thanks for the tip. I've just removed the word verification and if I get lots of spammers I'll send them to you :)