Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I become a framer

I come from a family of not very handy people. We never went in for DIY. My father was a professional pianist who always worried about his fingers and hands, consequently we paid to have the smallest of things done. I've grown up not able to wire plugs, change fuses, well do anything like that really. Of course I've had loads of years to learn how to do these (apparently) simple things; I just haven't bothered.

In the past when I bought paintings I took them to a framer to have them mounted and framed. Like father like daughter. Experts always seem to do a much better job than the average person, don' t you think?

Well, recently I bought a few paintings from a lovely lady whose website is Imagine how upset I then felt when I noticed our local art shop had closed down. Probably because lots of handy people had been framing pictures themselves (see what happens when you do DIY - you put people out of business).

Anyway, I've been to our local bricolage, bought mounts and frames and have spent a very happy hour putting them all together. The paintings look great, I've saved lots of money, probably enough to go and buy another painting.

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Justine said...

Hi, thanks for your visit and for the nice words. Sometimes I don't even realize what happened, but I'll keep it strong. I'm very sorry for your losses.