Friday, October 27, 2006

Blessed are the cheese-makers

I miss cottage cheese. There are only one or two shops over here that sell it, as it is not a taste that the French go for. So that's an hour and a half there to go and buy it and when you find it it is in a weeny tub and costs €4. That's no good.

So I've sent away for a cheese making kit and now all I have to do is find a gigantic saucepan that is not aluminium (it affects the taste apparently) and get my brain in gear to follow the instructions. I've got an awful feeling that the culture I bought is going to make a vast quantity of the stuff and it doesn't freeze very well but we'll see how I get on.

In my mind is this little fantasy about it going so fantastically well that I will then begin a little cottage (sorry!) industry with labels on etc etc. You get the picture.


Justine said...

I looove cheese, here in Brittany I miss some Italian cheeses. French have many delicious cheeses, I know, but sometimes you miss a little bit of your own cheese-roots, like fresh parmesan or caciotta ;-)
I wish your cottage cheese industry goes great!!!

French Fancy said...

I do get good parmesan in little satchets here in France, Justine. But I suppose to an Italian nothing beats the real shavings from a block of parmagiano.