Thursday, September 14, 2006

France is changing me

Every Tuesday there is a market in our town and, until this week, I've only ever visited it once. The main reason being that there is a stall which sells chickens, cocks, hens etc and they are squashed into the smallest cages imaginable. The little chicks are practically standing on each other's heads.

Now the first time I saw this - some three and a half years ago now - I felt so outraged that I just had to say something. Even though at that time my French was not very good (well I'm not exactly fluent now, but I just have more confidence and making mistakes does not bother me too much). I'm not even sure that the stall owners understood my rant about animal cruelty.

I had to go to the bank on Tuesday which is in the middle of the market and I saw the same stall. Yet, this time, it did not make me feel so very outraged. There were actually fewer chicks squashed into the cages and I did not get upset at all. I even quite enjoyed wandering around, seeing familiar French faces, kissing neighbours' cheeks, buying a few bits and pieces.

I must really be changed due to living here. I eat foie gras quite often although I've not yet tried frogs legs or snails. Or oysters. I'm sure I will have before the end of the year.


Jack said...

Is there work for Brits in France? It seems like such a more fun, intelligent place than America, although I know the grass always seems greener on the other side of the pond...

I miss France, and being able to get there easily from England.

French Fancy said...

There's not really enough work for the locals in my particular area, let alone the Brits. I was lucky in that my partner began an IT company over here and he's doing very well.

I love the USA though and sometimes wish I lived along the West Coast.