Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two good things happen

Yesterday my drain was removed by the surgeon. He's a goodlooking man but very stern and austere and rather intimidating. You don't chat with this doctor (unlike our GP who is the best doctor in France). He removed the stitches that surrounded the drain, no problem, but then he pulled on it and it wouldn't come out. He told me to take a deep breath and then he yanked on it. It came out and it felt like bits of me were coming out with it. It was not pleasant. I then looked down and saw a hole left by it but thankfully no blood was appearing. Just a hole, really. Yuk.

The other good thing was that our notaire called and said we have an appointment with the court official next Wednesday to register our Pacs. Because of this woman's unpleasantness towards foreigners, our notaire suggested we call in to her (the notaire's) office on Monday and she will go through all our documents to check we have everything we need. A great idea.

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