Friday, December 02, 2005

Essential item to have at hand whilst cooking

I have been preparing a huge pot of boeuf bourguignonne and what is the one item I have had to have within easy reach of my right hand?

A water pistol.

Misty is on heat and Poppy, who has been neutered, has been so stimulated by whatever is emanating from Misty that pretend humping has been taking place for the last day or so. It's not always Poppy initiating it; Misty likes to either waggle her bum in Poppy's face or take the dominant position. Now I realise this is natural behaviour and I have got many dog reference books here analysing why this is taking place. Understanding things does not mean that I like what is happening.

A quick blast of the water pistol is enough to cool romance and maintain order.

Misty will be spayed in January - it can't come soon enough!

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