Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Internet Shopping

I've had a bad week regarding purchases from the net. I'd ordered two pairs of boots, one from a shop specialising in awkward shaped legs, the other from a trendy shop that produces cheaper versions of things being worn by - and I hate this word - celebrities. The boots from the sensible shop were too big, in spite of being sent calf measurements. The calf did indeed fit, but below and above gaped. They were sent back at a cost of 11 Euros. The pair from the fashionable site must have been made for ladies with birdlike stick legs and needless to say they were duly sent back at a cost of 15 Euros.

Then yesterday two cups, saucers and plates arrived from an e-bay seller. To backtrack for a mo, I'd recently invited our French neighbours round for an English tea and realised at the last minute that the fancy tea set that had been my mum's favourite was missing a few items. So the day following the tea I did a search on e-bay and saw I'd just missed two place settings being up for auction. I based my search on the name at the bottom of the china. I contacted the seller and acquired the items in a private sale.

When I opened the box yesterday I was really disappointed to see that they were in a different colour to the one I wanted. Yet both colourways have identical lettering underneath. Wouldn't you think they'd be called different things.
So I now have two tea settings in white with white flowers and five settings in white with lilac flowers.

I think all this has happened to persuade me that nothing beats shopping in person. It is all too easy to waste money net shopping and I'm going to make a real effort to kick the habit.

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