Friday, April 29, 2005

I wore something other than black!

I've had a lot of compliments lately and it is all due to the fact that I have worn either my new bright blue or my new bright green linen shirt. It has felt quite odd to be in such bold colours as I am somebody who usually wears all black.

I suppose this began when I put on quite a lot of weight some years ago and is now such a part of me that I don't often think about it. The inside of my wardrobe contains about 50 shades of black. You wouldn't think there would be so many shades of just one colour but there are.

It does feel nice to wear these shirts though and I'm debating whether to never get anything black again. I mean does it really act as a slimming thing or are you just a big person wearing black?


Sophster said...

I love wearing bright colours (turquoise, pinks, purples etc although not all at once!) as they always cheer me up, especially in glum weather and I reckon that the happier and brighter I feel inside, the more attractive I'll look externally.

Kitty said...

I think the 'black is slimming' is a fallacy. Especially when its black opaque tights as they make my legs look like tree-trunks!

I'm certain the 'wear black' thing comes from a need to camouflage and hide in the background. I think the cut of clothes is much more important than the colour for making you look slim.

Kitty (Recovering black addict!)

French Fancy said...

I've also started wearing pastels that were bought and flung to the back of the black wardrobe and this has also elicited comments from people.

One drawback is that I'm a messy eater and food stains show up far more when it isn't a black background.

Thanks for your comments sophster and kitty.

Sophster said...

I'm also a messy eater, I see it as an excuse to buy more clothes as I know that so much ends up in the enormo washing pile really quickly. I'm pretty much guarenteed to get curry/tomato sauce on pale things and cream sauces dripped down me when wearing dark things. And I always end up with chocolate smeared across me whatever I wear.