Saturday, February 26, 2005

Younger Men

I live with someone who is 15 years younger than me.
Only once has someone wondered if I was his mother and that was one set of our French neighbours. I really felt for the lady who asked it because her husband must have realised she was totally wrong and tried to shut her up when he realised what she was going to ask. I started to laugh and she just went redder and redder.
When we first started going out I felt a little self-conscious about the age difference and wondered how apparent it seemed. If there was an agony show on tv about 'toyboys', I would watch it and scrutinise each couple to see how odd they looked together. The thing is that not many of them looked odd to me.
My partner and I met over the internet, in a mirc chat room. To begin with I lied about my age but it takes a lot of discipline to be a good liar and I soon got in a muddle with a timeline of my past. It was better to come clean and my man was very hurt to think I had anguished over something that he had realised pretty early on anyway. It just goes to prove that when the right person comes along age is no barrier.

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